Liberty! - The rEVOLution Continues... Our Authority to rule Government is inherent and our Power to impose our authority for self-rule includes violence for the suppression of usurpers and coercion of defiant servants.

By definition, then, a Free Press, is an Armed Press.

Welcome to Armed Press, the necessary evolution of discussion in Defense of individual, inherent Rights, Liberty and Self-Determination,  now that our Authority to Self-Govern is defied and our powers usurped by our representatives.

Our Authority to create, revise or remove "government" is fundamental to the security and general welfare of free men and women of a free society. Our representatives and public servants owe allegiance to us, not we to them. It is our right to command and control their conduct and it is their duty to obey. It is our continuing duty to preserve the power to command when government defies our authority to guide, limit and correct their conduct.

Our Constitution preserves our inherent right to assemble, discuss and alter the institutions and offices of our servant government by denying government POWER by the restrictions of the First Article of Amendment to our federal Constitution.

Authority alone cannot assure the obedience of powerful and ambitious men and their institutions. We therefore wisely protected our use of armed force for our security and to preserve our control of government by the explicit denial
by the Second Article in Amendment of the federal Constitution of any government power to control arms in the hands of the People.

There can be no VALID authority by government to prohibit speech which entertains the removal of domestic enemies by whatever means are necessary because such speech is an inherent element of public consideration and debate to alter, abolish or institute new self-governing processes. The second amendment provides a clear warning to those who would stifle self-government by limiting frank and effective discussion.

The Declaration of Independence asserts the right of self government and the purpose for our governing institutions.

The First Amendment denies any government power to stifle brutal discussion and organization to alter or remove government.

The Second Amendment preserves the armed power to defend our debates to consider, plan and implement change or removal of government.

Without these fundamental powers reserved exclusively to the people of the states, the term "self-governed", regardless of any form claimed by representatives, cannot describe our society.

All laws which restrict our open and contentious debate or that work to diminish or infringe upon our ability to bring violence necessary to assure that debate is free from government interference or that deny our ability to implement changes opposed by the government must be deemed and denounced as null and void from their inception.

Freedom of Press and Speech for self-governance is inseparable from the power of enablement by force of arms, if necessary.

The Press, in any sense, means anyone with the means to communicate concepts or information by any means possible for private or public purpose.

A Free Press, is an Armed Press.


(Last Revision 28 April, 2014)